Palindrome Nature
“Respect for the Earth also comes from knowledge”.
Palindrome leporelli
These special booklets, through paper carvings, minimal graphics and a lot of lightness, represent the animal mimicry or some of the transformations that occur in nature. They can be read by both ways. Each leporello will be accompanied by an explanatory postcard of the project and the chosen theme.
If you want to help us to publish our leporello booklets see our crowdfunding
The wood and the nightjar
Cherry Tree and Seasons
Owl Butterfly
From Flower to Fruit
Orchid mantis
The Dolomites
Summer and Winter
What is a "leporello" (booklet)?
It is an accordion-folded booklet, that can be developed vertically or horizontally, it can be drilled and the folds can be irregular. The leporello is a beautiful book structure that can create landscapes and whole worlds.
What is an object-book?
The book, in general, is not only a support for a text: it also communicates through its structure and the materials with which it is built, for example the type of paper, its thickness, the format, color, texture, transparency, cutting (holes and carvings) and folds. Even the materials and paper have their own evocative and communicative power. The book defines a space, a space that can be crossed: this is the book-object.
Through the use of paper converting, holes and carvings, our object-books become a dynamic, positive and energy-laden space. The void calls the public to become a participant in the work.
The leporello is one of our favorite book forms.

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